Nov 16, 2008

The headaches of Software

I got to try out Linpus Linux this weekend. After reinstalling the system because of a forgotten password we were ready to hook up the printer. The Canon Pixma ip2200 isn't found in the Acer Aspire One repositories so I had to download 2 rpms (yes it is fedora based)from Canon's website. Acer sure doesn't make these mini notebooks easy to configure a least compared to the Dell Mini 9. Also the keyboard on the Dell is easier than the Acer. Companies need to spend more time helping Linux contributors out so they can sell products that are easier to use.
Even the Dell Mini 9 (the one I recommend) doesn't use the full one gig of RAM by default. You have to recompile your kernel to get the full use of all the memory you bought. Mind you for $389 how can you go wrong. Why not give everyone who edits dells help pages free credit vouchers. Most of the current crop of Linux users are power users. I guess this will change by 2009 when there will be more laptops running Linux than Windows XP thanks to all the mini notebooks getting sold with Linux pre-installed.

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