Nov 15, 2007

Jabber: Finally, an open protocol

After reading the instant_messengers article by Andrew Min I am amazed at how little we have advanced in VOIP/Instant Messaging and how much greed stops people from helping each other out. Pidgin Homepage which is a desktop jabber client which has come a long way in making communication easier is getting quite popular. As of January 2007 there was 50 mil Jabber users 57 mil. AIM/ICQ users 27 mil msn users 22 mil yahoo and 9 million skype. By now Jabber must be the most used protocol. Personally I have 83 jabber contacts, but only 61 are invited to chat with me. I must not email them enough. Having to ask permission to phone someone must be a weird experience for a newbie. Especially if they don't get many spam emails or telemarketers.

1 comment:

  1. I wish everyone would switch to Jabber too. That and I wish Jabber supported VOIP with video so we could lose Skype. I like skype, but it does not seem to like Linux that much.

    That said Pidgin is just awesome. It let's me easily chat with my MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Skype, and Meebo, friends all from on easy interface. I run it in XP, Vista, Ubuntu and OSX. What a product! (You have to install an extra Skype plugin, but just google it, easy to find an works with both the 1.4 released version and th 2.x beta in Ubuntu.)