Oct 27, 2009

Remote Desktop - Yuuguu vs Empathy

With Yuuguu releasing their 64 bit version of Remote Desktop, I thought I would give them a link to increase their page ranking on Google. So here is where you get the file. I havn't been having any remote desktop support issues with Empathy, but Empathy only runs on Open Source Kernels so Windows 7+/- and Leopard 10.5+/- are out of luck. This probably explains why I have been setting up a new Ubuntu 9.10 system daily. Ok maybe it because it is new and everybody wants to try it out--Not! Most people don't like change. Watch this movie if you don't believe me. Yuuguu works well if you you have to remote into a Windows 7+/- machine but I prefer Empathy. Empathy allows for talking as your helping the other person out. It even supports file transfer.