Oct 7, 2009

Gmail vs Hotmail vs Skype - Instant Communication

As more and more people avoid answering unknown callers, people will use online presence indicators more and more. The most common ones are Gmail, Hotmail and Skype. Which one is the best / worse.
Worse -- Hotmail -why?
1. In email, it spams all your contacts. Everytime you send out an email along with it another Microsoft ad is attached. I remember once having a virus that did that. SAD. Microsoft is saying in effect "Spamming your friends is the price you have to pay to have this 'FREE' email account." People who don't care about their friends getting spammed should use this. Skype and Gmail don't do this.
2. You have to use Microsoft controlled domains in order to exchange chats / talk / video. They do, however, allow emails to be exchanged. Skype is guilty of this also.
3. You have to use Microsoft software to exchange info. There is no video client for Linux and the Mac client has issues.
Best-- Gmail -Why?
1. It allows for Google wave.
2. Spam control, no more worries.
3. Email IM all in one place.
4. Remote syncing - no more having to bring your device into the shop to get reprogrammed (synced with Outlook).
5. Jabber (XMPP) can be used on any domain.
6. You can host your own Jabber server.
7. Too many more to mention.