Nov 28, 2009

No 3G if you buy Windows 7

I found this out yesterday while helping a friend setup a Bell usb stick. This is the first kink in Microsoft's armour that has effected me. Normally if your manufacturing a usb 3G cellular modem you make sure you have the driver perfected for M$ computers. Or,I guess Qualcomm never got the memo from M$. They might have switched sides to support Goggle, IBM and other open access companies. Even Dell doesn't bow to M$ any more, Every since Michael Dell can use Google Android platform to sell their smart phones they don't care how much M$ threatened them. In fact, every day that goes by it is Steve Balmer bowing more and more to Michael Dell. His method of manipulation is coming to an end.
If you need Internet and want the 3g usb modem to work either use Ubuntu or buy a fon router. Most 3g usb modems just plug into the router and work.