Aug 13, 2009

Rogers and Tethering Access

I got my bill from Rogers today. Hopefully I have highlighted tethering enough so your eye is attracted to that area of the bill. I have been tethering my Ubuntu computer to my Roger's Iphone for quite a while now and I hear that they will allow it until December. If you need to learn how to do that just share your desktop with me via Empathy. I tether my laptop via bluetooth. And after pairing the iphone with your computer type "sudo pand --connect 00:26:4A:64:??:?? -n" into terminal, enter your password and type "sudo ifup bnep0" It works great, but as you can see I don't get close to my allotted 6Gigs. VoIP doesn't really work over the cellular network :( Too bad I can't get rid of this Iphone garbage and get a Android, I could I guess, but I still have 2 years remaining on my contract.