Nov 19, 2008

Dell Mini 9 and Empathy vs Skype

Well I received my Dell Mini 9 that I ordered 2 months ago to the day. 60 days to received my order from Dell, that has to be a record. Started to wonder if the computer would be obsolete before I could use it. I wrote this on, but they deleted it probably to keep other buyer still spending money. It sure is nice to have your own blog where you can put any info you want. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs better than reviews, because you know there is no hidden agenda. Sure if you post a review on a sellers website it might be relevant info for the nest buyer, but how many reviews get deleted? It is best to use Google's blog search or have your friends buy the device before you do. In this case I have done so and I recommend the Dell Mini 9. It is small and easy to use and uses the most GPL Licensed software of any other Linux machine on the market. Now to get Empathy running. Did you know the XMPP is 10 years old. It was conceived the same time as the ISS. The International Space Station has gone from only 20 tones to over 300 tons in 10 years. Empathy will do more heavy lifting than Skype will every do.